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50th Anniversary

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you, that Lambing Dental is celebrating it's 50th Anniversay of caring for Bay Area residents and their families.  Many of the original patients who began with Dr. Lambing Sr., in 1961, are still with the practice today, and numerous new patients join us daily.  

Some of you may remember that my Father purchased his first practice 4 months before he graduated from Dental School in San Francisco. A widow, who had lost her husband tragically to a boating accident on the Bay, was looking for a left handed dentist.  Before he could even greet his first new patient, he was drafted into the Army as a Captain and sent to South Carolina for two years.  He then returned to CA with a new bride and a new baby, the first of four, to his hometown of Oakland to begin his legacy.

I have always had respect for the field of dentistry, and appreciate the ability to help people with the challanges they present to me.  I spent four precious years practicing with my Father, before he died, although too short, we learned a lot from one another.  I am humbled by the trust his patients have put in me to stay with our practice, as well as appreciative of our current patients who trust in me to help them.  The advancements in dentistry today are incredible, and I am always striving to offer the best dental care in the most time efficient manner to our patients.  I do believe that My Dad would be amazed at the advancements.  To those of you reading this who are established , thank you for your continued loyalty and dedication.  To those of you reading our office information, who are making a major decision to establish a realtionship with a new office, we want you to know we welcome you to call our office, to inquire with any questions you may have.


Robert Lambing DDS